Supporting Birmingham Businesses

All bread loaves, pastries, desserts, cakes and artisanal chocolates are made using only the very best ingredients. To support University College Birmingham’s commitments to sustainability and fuelling the Midlands economy, we are proud to source from local producers.

This means that when you treat yourself to a little something from Cakes & Bakes, you’re supporting trainee bakers and local producers as well as choosing baked products with a minimal carbon footprint.

We also sell products that are provided by our recommended external suppliers, including beautiful tall our cold drinks, delicious Jamaican patties, artisanal crisps, and a great hot drink selection. At Cakes & Bakes, you’ll also find many halal offerings, please ask our lovely staff for recommendations!


Our Suppliers

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous local suppliers who are dedicated to providing Cakes & Bakes with the finest seasonal ingredients and products.

Island Delight

Island Delight

Island Delight is dedicated to ensuring the traditional flavours of the Caribbean patties remain. In addition, the products are based on the family recipes of its founder, Wade Lyn. Wade’s commitment to tradition means he’s never more than a phone call away from the experts back in Jamaica, his mum and Aunt Dell.