On The Rise

If you have a particularly good memory, you may recall that the bakery was originally called The Crusty Loaf. That was back in 1999 and we’ve come a long way since then, achieving multiple milestones before moving into lovely new premises. This is entirely thanks to the hard work and dedication of the many students, chefs and tutors who were adamant that the people of Birmingham deserved easy access to a variety of freshly baked goods.

Warm, Friendly Welcome

No matter how busy it gets at Cakes & Bakes, we always offer a warm welcome. Your visit makes all the difference to the bakery students and inspires them to excel in their training. Our students, chefs and wider team are passionate about good food and unparalleled customer service, so pop in and ask us for recommendations whenever you’re hungry for fresh bread, exceptional desserts and artisanal chocolates.

Birmingham’s Favourite Loaf

Do you love a Birmingham Close Notched Cottage Loaf? This original Brummie bread has become a popular favourite with households across the region, yet it was unavailable from just before the Second World War until 2009, when the bakery lecturers here at University College Birmingham decided it was time for its long overdue return. Based on a style of breadmaking used by the ancient Romans, the Brummie loaf is very much here to stay thanks to the ingenuity and local pride of the bakers at Birmingham College of Food. Full of flavour and with an incredible crust, make sure to ask us for Birmingham Cottage Loaf the next time you visit Cakes & Bakes.

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